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Local SEO For WordPress Websites

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A CMS or (Content Management System) such as WordPress is software which is designed to manage digital content. These are used in conjunction with enterprise content management systems and web content management systems. Having a good CMS combines both digital asset management and also document management. This then provides the end users with access to their digital assets.

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One of the most popular and flexible CMS systems on the market is WordPress and has so many benefits to power your company’s website. Not only does WordPress function very well but it is easy to use and more or less free. This is why WordPress is one of the best CMS systems in the world.

Having a WordPress site will also help your website to be SEO friendly. The integration of it has been designed so that anyone can implement some basic SEO techniques.

This is very beneficial for a small business who may not be able to afford professional SEO services but still want the chance to rank high in the SERPs.

Within this article, we will look at the ways of using simple SEO techniques to improve the rankings of your WordPress website whether this is to create a new one or improve a current one.

Optimising The Content

The content on a website is one of the most valuable elements of every business or individual. If a website has super fast loading speeds, the site structure is perfect but the content is not readable or up to scratch, then inevitably your site will fail.

Before optimising your site content you will first need to find out what your audience wants.

You will need to understand why they need your products and once you’re happy with the content you’ll need to use on-page optimisation. This can be achieved by using plugins such as Yoast SEO.

Link Profile

Another very beneficial ranking mechanism for organic rankings is by utilising good quality backlinks. With the aid of these along with good optimisation of the anchor text, are both important ranking factors.

To have a properly structured link building campaign does take some time for it to organically grow, but here are a few steps that can help you out.

  • Fix The Broken Links – to fix the broken links you can use plugins within WordPress such as – Broken Link Checker and this plugin will check your pages and posts for broken links.
  • It’s Quality Not Quantity – one thing to remember when it comes to backlinks is that one high-quality link is worth much more than loads of low-quality links. If you are wanting to track these and eliminate bad-links, then you will need to use tracking software to eliminate these.
  • Optimise Anchor Texts – the anchor text needs to be correctly optimised but with exact matches etc, don’t overdo these.

Optimise Mobile Friendly Viewing

With new technology constantly evolving, mobile searches are becoming increasingly popular and Google is rolling out a Mobile-First Index which will index mobile sites in preference to desktop devices. So it is important that when creating your website, make sure it is optimised for both site speed and image compression too.

Speeding Up Your Website

One of Google’s important ranking factors for every website is the website loading speed. So in order for you to stay ahead of your competitors, this will need to be optimised to be faster and quicker.

Make sure you:

  • Reduce Server Load – some of the caching plugins that are used on your website will have HTML versions which are commonly known to slow down server times. Using plugins such as WP Rocket or one similar will be able to help you.
  • Compress Your Images – Having large images will slow your site down dramatically so using a plugin such as WP Smush can compress and resize the images.
  • Clean Your WordPress Theme – it is important that you remove any out of date elements such as Javascript. This can include any old themes that potential hackers could use to gain entry to your site.

Google My Business Integration

Having your business listing on Google My Business is a great way to promote your business and services through Google. It also uses certain factors that relate to rankings too. First, you will need to claim your business through the Google Service and then add your WordPress website to your GMB profile.

Once this is completed, then you should search for some plugins that will assist your site in transferring key ranking signals such as photos, customer reviews and a business map.

Add Structured Data

Those sites that look so rich with star ratings are because they have structured data. They can use plugins such as Schema. This will help you by giving your customers a greater amount of detail when they find you in the SERPs.

However, these descriptions will not necessarily improve your rankings but having a good amount of detail will help with CTR (Click Through Rates).

The suggestions we have provided are to help you improve your SEO in a WordPress website. This will help you to achieve a higher ranking and provide you with more customers to visit and stay on your website. These are very simple, yet effective techniques to implement. However, there may be some time before you see any immediate effect.

If you feel like this may be a task that is beyond your capability then why not contact CMD Digital who are a professional digital marketing company who specialise in SEO and creating bespoke WordPress websites. Contact them today for advice and to transform your website into one that is fully optimised.