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What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is communicating and engaging with your audience. It is an essential part to having a strong online presenceYou can count on CMD Digital to look after yours.

Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ all provide a fantastic platform to enable you to build real, lasting relationships with you and your audience. At CMD Digital, we specilise in Social Media Marketing, we can work closely with you and your brand to create a social media strategy suited to you and your target audience.

The campaigns we provide will focus on developing relationships with real people to take them on a journey and make them aware of your brand.

Social Media Marketing Services CMD DIgital Leeds

How CMD Digital Can Help You

We at CMD Digital have a number of techniques which are used to enhance your digital marketing strategy. Facebook currently has just under 2 billion Facebook users alone and the potential for your business to succeed is becoming more and more dependent on social media. We not only create excellent social profiles for companies on each network but we also promote those networks to reach new clients.

Having a vast knowledge of these social networks has its advantages, as we not only apply these techniques for our clients, but we can also teach you how to properly operate and manage them. We can show you how to reach your individual network to its full potential, but also how to use social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, keep your customers updated and informed.

As a Digital Marketing Agency we know the importance of having your business promoted effectively through social media – Our team of experts at CMD Digital have the skills and knowledge to help you with this.

We Create

We start by creating users on each social network, then provide clear instructions on how to use each one to promote your business.

We Promote

By using our extensive knowledge in SEO, we will implement what we apply to websites but to your Social media: this will assist in maximising your online reach.

We Demonstrate

When the first two steps are complete, we can show you the success of each social network. Once this has been created and you have followed our advice, then you should see a return on investment (ROI).

Social Media Networks

These are the top 5 social media networks and the figures are based from the last quarter of 2017. These numbers increase daily.

Facebook Has Over
0.87 Billion
Users Worldwide
Twitter Has Over
0 Million
Users Worldwide
YouTube Has Over
0.35 Billion
USers worldwide
Instagram Has Over
0 Million
Users Worlwide
Linkedin Has Over
0 Million
Users Worldwide

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Social Media Marketing Services CMD DIgital Leeds - Also have webs design services

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Come and talk to us today and see how we can create a stunning, user friendly shop window to take your business online.

CMD Digital are ready to create your masterpiece!

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Social Media Marketing Services CMD DIgital Leeds - Also have SEO services

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Social Media Marketing Services CMD DIgital Leeds - Also have hosting services

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